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January 5th, 2024

Blaqbonez presents “SHINE FOREVER” as a standout track from his newly released album, “Emeka Must Shine.” This latest album marks a significant step in his ascent within the Nigerian music industry, solidifying his position in the spotlight. Undoubtedly, the album offers a fantastic artistic journey, with particular attention to the captivating “SHINE FOREVER.” In this track, Blaqbonez delivers an entrancing sound, allowing listeners to fully appreciate his exceptional rendition of the Afrobeats style.

Remarkably, “SHINE FOREVER” takes its place as the ninth track on Blaqbonez’s expansive 14-track compilation, “Emeka Must Shine.” This release is a testament to Blaqbonez’s artistic prowess, reflecting evident dedication and hard work. The composition of the tune reveals Blaqbonez’s meticulous effort to bring out the best in the music. The song’s captivating beat and well-crafted lyrics harmonize seamlessly, creating a musical masterpiece. In line with his previous tracks on the “Emeka Must Shine” album, “SHINE FOREVER” delves into the myriad responsibilities that come with rising stardom. Blaqbonez’s introspective reflections permeate the song’s captivating meditations, exuding unwavering confidence. The track follows a consistent pattern in Blaqbonez’s musical fusion, where he proudly recounts his remarkable achievements in the music industry and expresses confidence in his ongoing success.


In 2023, Nigeria continued to make a significant impact on the global music scene, and the introduction of “SHINE FOREVER” by Nigerian recording artist Blaqbonez stands out as another addictive addition to the musical landscape. This fresh and upbeat song is poised to captivate listeners with its alluring rhythm and Blaqbonez’s captivating vocals. “SHINE FOREVER” distinguishes itself as an impressive track, skillfully showcasing Blaqbonez’s ability to gradually enthrall his audience through clever lyrics and upbeat musicality. The artist’s extraordinary talent and versatility are unmistakably evident throughout the song. Notably, “SHINE FOREVER” in “Emeka Must Shine” by Blaqbonez may appear more contemporary than other tracks, as he skillfully incorporates subtle pop elements into the Afrobeats genre and infuses a dance tempo to engage his target audience.


“SHINE FOREVER,” the ninth track on Blaqbonez’s outstanding 14-track album “Emeka Must Shine,” displays his extraordinary talent and distinct approach. This song is sure to make an impression on listeners with its entrancing melodies and intriguing lyrics. Blaqbonez tapped the talents of Ramoni for the production of “SHINE FOREVER”. They have collaborated to create a musical masterpiece that will appeal to both music enthusiasts and fans. “SHINE FOREVER” is evidence of Blaqbonez’s development as an artist and his commitment to his trade. He keeps proving why he’s one of Nigeria’s most promising rappers with this release.

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Blaqbonez is widely recognized for his distinctive musical style that seamlessly blends West African sounds like Afrobeats with contemporary influences from Hip Hop and Pop. Notably, he has earned a reputation for creating vibrant and lively songs that get listeners grooving, and “SHINE FOREVER” remains true to this musical legacy. The addition of this track to the “Emeka Must Shine” album is a welcome enrichment to the catalog of the renowned Nigerian vocalist. What sets Blaqbonez apart is his ability to avoid the overemphasized and clichéd pop trends that dominate the airwaves by drawing inspiration from his affiliations. In terms of production, he consistently works with a set of muses, resulting in a striking display of uniform elegance. This is further enhanced by the traditional use of delicate string and wind instruments, celestial harmonies, and the prominent incorporation of percussive log drum patterns in “SHINE FOREVER.”

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Blaqbonez strategically uses his solo track “SHINE FOREVER” to underscore his unique success and talent as an exceptional singer and songwriter. In Nigeria, he is widely recognized and respected for consistently delivering songs that infuse street pop and Afrobeats with a contemporary twist. “SHINE FOREVER” has garnered increased recognition since the album’s release and is frequently acknowledged as one of the standout tracks on the album.

Featured on his latest album, “Emeka Must Shine,” the song “SHINE FOREVER” is a fantastic addition that showcases Blaqbonez’s versatility in delivering Afropop-infused music. Undoubtedly, this track deserves a place in your music library. Blaqbonez has solidified his position as one of the most promising talents in the Nigerian music scene with the release of this captivating new single. It’s a song that you’re sure to enjoy listening to.


Delivery: 1.7/2
Lyricism: 1.7/2
Relatability: 1.7/2
Mixing and Production: 1.8/2
Replay Value: 1.7/2


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